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The Day of Armageddon, August 30, 1943


The story of August 30, 1943, titled "The Day of Armageddon" by Jim Dibble; an account of the air battle that earned his uncle James Dibble the Distinguished Flying Cross


P-38 pilot George Smith's account of August 30, 1943.


Notes from Charles McCann clarifying events of August 30, 1943.


Translated extract from a German book with observations from their perspective of the August 30, 1943 air battle. Unknown translator. Citation: Dr. Jochen Prien, Jagdgeschwader 53, Vol II (Atglen, Penn.: Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1997), pp. 675-76


Encounter report from August 30, 1943 for the 27th Fighter Squadron.


Mission summaries of the 319th Bombardment Group including August 30, 1943.

Be sure to browse through the entire exhibit as well which highlights the entire collection and includes dozens of letters, mission reports from 1943, personal accounts of air battles, the Dibble family's search for answers and so much more.

All content in this exhibit was donated to the Hastings Public Library by Jim Dibble, nephew of fighter pilot James P. Dibble. We are proud to display it for others to learn of James' sacrifice, the one so many men and women made in World War II.